Upgrade your business cards with our Virtual Contact QR Codes. Share more info. Drive increased customer engagement.

How it Works | No App Needed.

QR Codes are commonplace & accessible. Power up your business cards with our Smart Contact Card technology.


Create Virtual Contact Card
Create your online business card with all the contact information you want. Access it with the generated QR Code.


Share Contact QR Code
The best way is to add the QR Code to your business cards or other printed media. See sample card designs.


Scan With Phone Camera
No special app is required to scan the QR Code. Adoption & recognition has never been higher.


Drive Prospect Outreach
Your online business card allows for quick actions or downloading of your contact card to a prospects address book.

6-Month Free Account Access

We're still ironing out some of our finer features.
Sign up now and get access to all standard account features as we release them. After your trial, annual pricing starts at $29USD.

1x Virtual Contact QR Code

You'll receive a unique Virtual Business Card & Virtual Contact QR Code that leads to your online contact info.

2x Dynamic QR Codes

A $70 annual value compared to other QR Code Builders. Dynamic QR Codes lets you edit the link/action anytime and get tracking info.

Unlimited Static QR Codes

Need even more QR Codes? Create unlimited Static QR Codes that direct to a website, phone a number, send a text, and more!

System Features

Ease of use is just the start. Our virtual business cards come with a host of features to power your sales, networking and business outreach.

Rapid Setup 
& Creation.

Create an account, enter your contact details, then style & generate your unique QR Code. 

Get started in less than 5 minutes.

Instant Contact
Card Edits.

Need to make a change to your phone or email? Change anything you want on your virtual contact card in seconds. Just edit your personal details and your contact card will update.

Unlimited QR
Code Usage

Your annual account comes with unlimited usage for your virtual contact card QR code. That means unlimited scans, unlimited card downloads, unlimited changes. 

Print your QR code on anything you want - your business cards, flyers, stickers, trade-show banners, etc.

Live Reporting

Know how many people scanned your Virtual Contact Card. Real time reporting give you insight into important details about the people who scan (or share) your contact details.

Enterprise level reporting included in our 50+ seat plans includes city level geographic reporting.


Start your 6-month trial, available for a limited time during our BETA launch. See what's included in our 
Founded by Nathaniel Schick, CueContact aims to provide high quality, low cost QR Code solutions that leverages the technology in ways that benefit small business owners, sales teams, and anyone who sees the value in merging traditional contact methods, like business cards, with digital/online experiences.
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